May 2015, University of Theater and Film Budapest

Sándor Terhes - Agamemnon
Zsolt Nagy - Menelaus
Júlia Nyakó - Clytemnestra
Emőke Piti - Iphigeneia
Dániel Baki - Achilles

Translator: Gábor Devecseri
Head of Department Teacher: Kata Csató, Tibor Csizmadia
Director: Zita Szenteczki
Dramaturg: Bence Bíró
Set and costume design: Nóra Juhász
Music: Bernadett Tarr
Consultant: György Karsai
Assistant Director:György Magyar

Greek troops on their way to Troy are stranded at Aulis. A prophecy arrives: if they want to go further, King Agamemnon must sacrifice his own daughter. Private life and the interests of the state come into conflict. Of course, we know there must be a Trojan war. We also know that for a woman. Yet Iphigeneia says the reverse, that "one man is worthier to live than ten thousand women." Who is right? Where are the great heroes of Greek mythology? Euripides challenges the truisms and questions the unquestionable.Performed by the University of Theatre and Film (Ódry Stage)

Photos by Nóra Juhász and Niki Brozsek