March 2023, Pinceszínház

translated by György Karsai and János Térey

Ágens, Zalán Makranczi

Instructor: György Karsai
Dramaturg: György Karsai
Scenery, costumes: Luca Petrányi
Music: Áron Porteleki
Director's assistant: Fanni Égető
Director: Zita Szenteczki

What makes the Medea story exciting now? Who is Medea? Who is this woman? Is she a ruthless killer or an incredibly clever woman, who is a master of the male-dominated world? The archetype of the strong woman. But what is strength? The name Medea means masculinity. It is the path of the male hero, a man who is a master of humanity, magic, raw honesty and a perfect master of the roles of woman and man. Is Medea 'playing', carrying out a perfect revenge plan or deciding minute by minute? Is Jason the antihero betraying his wife or just a man who wants to rebuild his life, to free himself from the grip of a strong woman? The hero who got the golden fleece for Pelias, accomplished the impossible mission, of course, with the indispensable help of Medea. Did he ever love Medea or just accept her adoration and enjoy the glory and power that came with it?

This production takes an unconventional approach to the familiar story, generating new questions in both the audience and the players. It gives direction and conveys immense feminine power. The performance is a rite of passage.