Exit Generáció

Szkéné Színház


Orsi and Adam arrive home from holiday. Something stinks, the electricity is off, there is a strange plant on the kitchen table. And suddenly, out of nowhere, Kati and Viktor appear, who - it seems - also live there. Or maybe they really live there? A play full of surreal twists and turns, in which nothing is what it seems. Are we really defined by our environment? Can we break out of our skin, break the boundaries of bourgeois society? The play's exciting dramaturgy explores a number of serious themes with humour and playfulness. There's an erupting volcano, a cleaning lady's death and moose sex, and a box that probably shouldn't have been opened...

Marius von Mayenburg, a contemporary German playwright-director, wrote in 2010 and is being presented in Hungary for the first time.

Eva Török-Illyés Orsolya

Judith Simkó Katalin

Robert Ádám Farkas

Sebastian Dénes Viktor

Translated by Judit Garai

Poem, song K. Kabai Lóránt

Choral work Ferencz Nagy Bogi

Dramaturg Anna Hárs

Set and costumes Juhász Nóra

Assistant director Lili Lujza Szirtes

Director Zita Szenteczki

Special thanks to: Lili Raubinek