Három Holló & Trafó House of Contemporary Arts Coproduction


For four decades, the legendary namesake of the Klára Rotschild Salon (later Klára Salon of Exceptional Women's Clothing, later Klára Salon) dominated the luxury fashion industry in Hungary. True, she produced some of the legends herself, but that only goes to show what a conscious person she was. It was this awareness; the power and will behind his unbroken career across regimes that interested us when we decided to make a presentation about him.

Can a woman be both respected and loved? Can we weigh the achievements and failures behind a successful career? What is it like to spend a lifetime striving for perfection, only to be confronted with your own imperfections?

The life story of Klára Rotschild is punctuated by the personal testimonies of the actors.

Written by Anna Hárs

Music by Bernadett Tarr

Scenery: Petrányi Luca

Director: Zita Szenteczki

Director's collaborators: Anna Beke and Lujza Szirtes

Photos by János R. Szabó