Béla Balázs: SILENCE
October 2016
Kerekasztal Színháznevelési Központ

In the performance of Kerekasztal Színháznevelési Központ, inspired by Béla Balázs' story The Silence, we follow the journey of a boy, Peter, as he searches for himself, his place in the community and in life, fleeing from his own fears. The search for identity, the noisy, noisy world as an obstacle to reflection, to finding oneself, the clash between the desire to conform, to fit in and ambition are explored with the participants.

Béla Balázs' story adapted for the stage by Bence Bíró and Zsuzsa Hajós
Directed by Zita Szenteczki

Played by: Pál Kárpáti, Ildikó Lipták, Arnold Nyári, Alma Virág Pájer, Mátyás Péter Szabó