Geothe: The Love and Death of Werther
April 2022
University of Theatre and Film Arts

Description: Graduation performance of the graduating puppetry class

head of department: Edina Ellinger

Adaptation by the novel Wolfgang Goethe, transformed by Lőrinc Szabó

Performed by: Ági Bartos, Bartha Bendegúz, Bettina Csarkó, Norbert Csernák, Toma Hrisztov, Ráhel Horgas, Attila L. Nagy, Laura Podlovics, Máté Szekeres.

Music by Tarr Bernadett

Visuals by Helga Lázár and Virág Velkey

Director's collaborator: Magyar Réka

Special thanks to: Imola Domokos

Director: Zita Szenteczki

"Whatever I could find out about the story of poor Werther, I have diligently collected, and now I am leaving it with you, and I know you will be grateful. It is impossible that you should not admire and love his spirit and character, and lament his fate."In our lecture we will explore wertherség as a contemporary public phenomenon. What is it like when we can see exactly that something is going to end badly, yet we go along with it? This evening is an attempt to fill the void within us - with lots of self-irony, love, plants and plaster fragments.