On love on earth and in heaven
February 2019, Stúdió K Theater

Violaine - Katalin Homonnai
Mara - Pallagi Melitta
Anne Vercors, the father - Lajos Spilák
Elisabeth, the mother - Júlia Nyakó
Pierre de Craon - Gábor Nagypál
Jacques Hury - György Sipos
Black Robed Figure - Dániel Lovas
dramaturg - Bence Bíró
visuals - Zsófi Rumi
music - Tarr Bernadett
light - Major Mátyás, Berta Ninett
scenery - Katalin Sisak and Péter Sisak
assistant - Veronika Vajdai
director - Zita Szenteczki

"To love is to suffer. If we don't want to suffer, we must not love. But then we suffer from not wanting to love.we do not love. So: to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer, to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love, so to be happyto be happy is to love, or to love is to suffer, or to suffer from too much happiness."/Woody Allen: Love and Death/

Paul Claudel (1868-1955) is a playwright and poet who attempts to express his own inner dialogue through his works. "He is 'the singer of the universe', 'the painter of sacred images', but also a poet who does not shy away from comedy or even boorishness. His theatrical texts are enigmatic, often pathetic, his charactersextreme characters, from religious fanatics, messianic-complex and materialistic figures to eternal doubters.

Photos by Orsolya Véner