February 2020
Mesebolt Bábszínház Szombathely
Dramaturg: András Veres
Designer: Szilárd Boráros
Music by Rita Ádám and Benedek Darvas
Movement by Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Director: Zita Szenteczki
Szenteczki Zita - Zaciusz Zita
Lászar Larsson - Zsófia Gyurkovics
Szigfrid Bruckner - Gábor Lukács
Aromo - Varga Bori
Dömdödöm - Kovács Domokos mv.
Lajos Szörnyeteg - Márton Kosznovszky
Mikkamakka - Bálint Kovács
Little Head Big Head Zordonbordon - Csongor Kőmíves

The tales of Ervin Lázár occupy a prominent place among the classics of Hungarian children's literature. This is not the first time that the unique world of this exceptional author has been brought to life on the stage of the Mesebolt Puppet Theatre.The inhabitants of the Round Forest with its four corners show us what we humans are really like; kind, quarrelsome, impatient, funny, sensitive and fallible. But what happens when one day Mickey Mouse has a job to do in town and the others are faced with a challenge they may not be able to solve. The forest is infested with pomogranates, and the newcomers frighten the inhabitants of the Rectangle. Because the unknown is scary. I believe it is very important to teach acceptance from a very young age in today's xenophobic world. The performance tells the story of trust, one of our most important treasures, with the tools of contemporary puppet theatre, music and love, and conveys the ever-lasting thoughts of Ervin Lázár to children and adults alike.

Photos by Ádám Trifusz