András Dániel, Máté Kautzky-Dallos
April 2018, Budapest Bábszínház
The play is based on András Dániel Dániel's book What was James doing under the bed.
Interactive parts: Viktória Végvári
Puppet designer: Márk Horváth
Set designer: Zsófia Rumi
Choreographer: Domokos Kovács
Composer: Bernadett Tarr
Director: Zita Szenteczki
Cast: Zsombor Barna, Judit Kovács, Pájer Alma Virág,
Pethő Gergő, Anna Spiegl, Tibor Szolár

Who hasn't had a toy roll under the bed (or some other piece of furniture) never to be found again? Our hero, five-year-old James, has just lost his favourite marbles under the bed! But instead of throwing a tantrum or asking his grandmother to help him, James takes an unexpected and very brave action. He crawls under the bed to retrieve his toys from the monsters that live there! Only to find that instead of a terrifying darkness, he finds himself in a thousand-coloured world of strange places, a maze of strange and funny creatures. In an interactive performance, the audience can accompany James on this journey to face their own fears - and maybe even make friends with them.

Photos by Vera Éder