by Péter Závada and Edina Mókus Szirtes
Operett Theater Budapest

Our performance "Poor Joni and Arnika" is based on the story of Ervin Lázár, which tells the story of a pair of lovers on a journey. From the story we can learn where the good Seven-Headed Fairy lives, whether it is worth being good and whether those cursed by the Hundred-Faced Witch herself can find each other, and the instructive story of the Duck King and the Duck Queen also reveals that selfless love can work wonders. Debuted as a former exam performance by Zita Szenteczki, a former puppetry student at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, the play uses a variety of techniques, from the classic glove puppet to the giant mask.

Music by Edina Mókus Szirtes
Lyrics by Péter Závada
Choreographer: Kristóf Widder
Adapted for stage by Zita Szenteczki and Máté Kautzky-Dallos
Directed by Zita Szenteczki
Performed by: the company of the Operetta Theatre