Benedek Darvas - Rita Ádám - Péter Závada - Maurice Maeterlinck
December 2019, Operett Theater Budapest

Who would not want to know the secret of all things and happiness? Tyltyl and Mytyl, the legendary brother and sister duo of the Nobel Prize-winning author Maeterlinck, are on the trail of these great secrets when they set out to find the blue bird, the true one, the only one. On their journey, they meet friends and foes and are accompanied by the sun, the moon and the stars. They must hurry, for time is finite and running out. On their adventures, they also discover that what we once had, if we don't take care of it, can easily be lost as if it had never been ours. "There is an everyday tragedy that is much more real, much deeper, and much closer to our true being than the tragic adventures of dramatic heroes. It is easy to feel, but more delicate to portray, for this essential tragedy is not simply material or psychological. It is no longer simply a matter of two people, or of two opposing desires, or of the eternal struggle between passion and duty. Rather, it is to show how shocking the very fact of our existence is. Rather, it is to show how the soul thrives on its own, plunged into the never-quiet limitless. Rather, it is to speak of the infinite and sublime dialogue between man and his destiny, beyond the usual dialogue of reason and emotion." Maurice Maeterlinck: The tragedy of the everyday (translation by Miklós Bárdos)

Finta Balassa, Molnár André Lukács, Németh Krisztián Róbert, Enyedy Réka, Varga Bernadett, Krasnyánszki Stefánia Lujza, Cseh Dávid Péter,Simon Panna Boglárka, Bojtos Luca,György-Rózsa Sándor, Csák István,Kékkovács Mara, Csuha Lajos, Dézsy Szabó Gábor, Papadimitriu Athina, Lévai Enikő, Lukács Anita, Bojtos Luca, Vágó Zsuzsi, Auksz Éva, Sándor Péter, Soós Máté Bátor, Pálfalvy Attila, Dögei Mátyás, Maros Bernadett Eszter, Imre Roland, Ruff Roland, Kálmán Petra, Radics Bernadett, Baranyi Emma, Papadimitriu Athina, Ullmann Zsuzsa, Czeglédi ÁkosCiprus, Melis Gábor, Fülöp Kristóf, Kató Anita

Conductor: Mihalics János
Adaptation: Bíró Bence,
Kautzky-Dallos Máté e.h.
Musical editor: Ádám Rita,
Darvas Benedek
Lyrics: Závada Péter
Stage design: Michac Gábor
Musical director: Mihalics János
Assistant coreographer: Gergely Atilla
Video design: Varga Vince
Production assistant: Nagy Bea
Production assistant: Lenchés Márton
Coreographer: Widder Kristóf
Director: Szenteczki Zita