December 2015
University of Theater and Film Budapest
monodrama from the text of my diaries
I made this play in my fourth year at the University, when the exam task was to create a solo performance about oneself, with puppet elements, with adults. I was very specific in my interpretation of the task. I therefore chose texts from my diaries to adapt. The selection criteria were based on what are the life events that we can all relate to. These are divided into themes: school as the first educational and socialisation arena, friendship, family, love, profession. The presentation is in the form of a co-animation. A long table with a white sheet. The white sheet symbolizes the pages of the diary and my life itself, which gets dirty as the performance unfolds. It gets dirty with universally symbolic things like salt, mud, wine, sand, stone. The whole performance is a very condensed coming of age story.

Written, directed, performed by Zita Szenteczki
Sound recording by Ervin Stark
Consultants: Dóra Gimesi, Zsolt Tatai
Class teachers: Kata Csató, Tibor Csizmadia, János Meczner, Gábor Tengely