Based on the story by H. C. Andersen: by Orsolya Nagy
October 2017, Ciróka Bábszínház Kecskemét

The story of a pair of brothers, Boroko and Boldizsár, who stick together to the end. Boroko, to break the terrible curse on her brother, has a strange impulse to weave a shirt of nettles for him. Until the shirt is made, Boroka cannot speak. Her situation is not helped by the fact that the strange, mute girl is not looked upon kindly in her new home in the kingdom beyond. Moreover, the king's mother is not happy that her son, King Sebastian, is getting closer to her instead of focusing on solving the drought in the country. So the Queen Mother takes desperate measures...

Designed by Zsófia Rumi
Composer: Bernadett Tarr
Choreographer: Kristóf Widder
Director: Zita Szenteczki

Cast: Ernő Apró, József Fülöp, Tamás Ivanics, Angéla Kolozsi mv.; Júlia Szörényi